It’s All in the Family

With It’s Bout Time Upholstery on your team, you get fabulous results every time. Our experts have been perfecting our art for decades so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your cushions will come back superbly stuffed, your pillows perfectly plump, and your hardware solidly strong.

This classic living room set is an example of the bread-and-butter of our business. We like to post pictures of creative pieces and showing workmanship, but our most consistent clientele typically come in for a simple sprucing and a fabric change. The photos below show the after view of the couch and one of two chairs (with a bonus baby!).

Blue chair and ottoman

Blue couch with baby

Our customer chose a smart earthy-yet-modern print from the longstanding, traditional fabric company, Kravet. Not only can it withstand the wear and tear that family room sofas tend to get, it comes in a versatile pattern that can withstand intermittent redecorations that our client is known to do.

Come by the shop during business hours and browse our extensive selection of fabrics. We know you’ll find the right fit for your family!

Victorian Sentimentality

Every once in a while we get a special piece of furniture that requires particular care and exacting measure. This sturdy antique Victorian chaise lounge was one such opportunity. The variety of angles, rises and crevices made it a challenging and rewarding experience for our team. But we knew that the decadent velvet chenille fabric would bring this exquisite piece of furniture back to its original pomp and splendor.

reupholstered victorian chaise lounge

Victorian couches like this one are reminiscent of a romantic time when tactile experiences and visual flow were worthwhile creative endeavors. We couldn’t agree more with the sentiment, and we can only hope the owners toss a good number of trimmed, ribboned and ruffled Victorian gowns over the well-shaped arms since the lounge was no-doubt created to hold them.

Create the Perfect Complement with New Upholstery

Our client already owned an arsenal of complementary furniture for her family room, but when it came time to remodel, she knew she needed a new color pallet to accentuate the room’s inviting but airy feel. We helped by creating a color board of cool green florals and adding coordinating throw pillows and piping. See the smart green sitting chairs we upholstered to complete the look, below.

A cozy overstuffed loveseat
A cozy overstuffed loveseat

These fine marbled sitting chairs needed a color makeover when their owner reupholstered her complementary couch and loveseat as part of her family room remodel. We helped her choose calming patterns and earthy shades of green to add depth to the room without adding too much visual noise. Notice the cozy velour piping around the cushion edges. Our talented upholsterers never cease to amaze us with their creativity and attention to detail!

Coordinating green sitting chairs
Coordinating green sitting chairs

Gilded Gold – Meet Creamy Linen

This classic sitting room set got a new life when our talented upholsterers expertly switched out a worn velour for this milky linen with tiny gold studs. Make your sitting room stand out by matching a classic frame with a modern material or vice versa. When you choose to reupholster your chairs and sofas, you are free to create a style that is uniquely your own. Let us help you get started by coming in to our show room today!

Golden Chair Reupholstered
Before: Worn Velour

Plush White Matching Upholstered Chairs
After: White Magnificence

Golden Couch Reupholstered
Before: Faded Memories

Plush White Upholstered Couch
After: Revitalized Chic

Gorgeous Custom Made Sectional Sofa

Dreaming of a sectional couch that fits perfectly in your space? Instead of searching through catalogs and visiting furniture stores until your feet hurt, come in and we will create a custom-made couch just the way you want it. You pick the style, fabric, size, cushion…. It’s all up to you. Here is a brief look at the custom couch making process. We think you’ll agree; when all is said and done, this is a gorgeous taylor made couch!

Before: Wood Structure

After: Gorgeous Sectional Sofa

A Classic Reupholstered Couch

This classic overstuffed couch needed updating when our customers decided to redecorate their living room. They opted for a traditional red and tan paisley that compliments their current style and will match other furniture pieces they add to the room later. We threw in a couple of matching throw pillows to round out the look and they were very pleased with the results!

Overstuffed Reupholstered Couch With Pleated Skirt
Overstuffed Reupholstered Couch With Pleated Skirt

When One Upholstery Fabric is Not Enough

With It’s Bout Time Upholstery, simple, one fabric couches can become a thing of the past. If exciting combinations of texture and color are what you’re after, we can create a masterpiece that compliments any room in the house or office. This reupholstered couch needed a fresh lift. And its new microsuede front and lustrous leather backing gives it an airy feel while keeping its sophisticated edge.

Beige Couch
The Understated Beige Couch Front
Sideways Couch View
A Lustrous Leather Compliment

When New Upholstery Makes All the Difference

Whimsical furniture pieces like this make a great statement. With reinforced padding, new welts and matching lumbar pillows, this reupholstered lounge sofa became a great spot for an afternoon meeting or a midmorning nap. Taking your statement furniture  and transforming it into stylish and functional pieces is what we do best!

Reupholstered Lounge Sofa
A So-Soft-You-Could-Eat-It Reupholstered Lounge Sofa