Dear Madison and Judy,

Just a little note to tell you how very much I have appreciated the beautiful reupholstery work you have done for us.   It is a big decision to decide whether to buy new furniture or reupholster your older furniture.   I loved my old chairs and found just the right fabric and decided to give it a try!   Then I  held my breath waiting to see the results.   When the chairs were delivered, I was absolutely ecstatic!  They were beautiful … really even much more attractive than they were as new.  I could not have been happier with the outcome.   The workmanship was truly beautiful!  I was so thrilled with the quality of your work that I decided that I really did love many of my older furniture pieces and would not purchase new ones.   So,  I had you reupholster my dining room chairs, 4 game table chairs, a couch, and too many pillows and cushions to count!   Each and every one turned out beautiful and absolutely perfect! I love them all!   Not only am I totally satisfied, but I also saved money by not buying new!  The quality of your work actually makes my older pieces better than new!  Thank you also for your patience and helpfulness in making some of the fabric selections. Your shop does such a fine job! Thank you again for all your help!

– Toby